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Historian Jonathan Ned Katz, y yo (c) Social - Diarist/Jon Nalley, 2013
With historian Jonathan Ned Katz
(c) Social – Diarist/Jon Nalley, 2013

It takes infinitely more work to launch a book in 2013 than it did in 1998, last time I had a book come out. Or is it that I’m determined to be more integrally involved this time, the way the poet Denise Levertov said “the earth worm” “aerates/ the ground of his living”?

It’s been fun, draining, exciting, exhausting. Here are some pictures and other bits from the publication fray:

Jen Ivan golem
Two of my favorite comic book artists, Ivan Velez Jr.  and Jennifer Camper, at my book party at Queers for Economic Justice, NYC.

book party food

The food!

book party also

Community muckety-mucks, and my friends!

(c) Social + Diarist/Jon Nalley 2013
(c) Social + Diarist/Jon Nalley 2013

Reading at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art.

(c) Cathy Renna 2013

Back at QEJ, reading. It was a fun night! 🙂

Btw, if you’re free, come out to see me next Tuesday, November 26 in NYC at Literary Mischief, an event where I’ll be reading with sex writer Rachel Kramer Bussel, author of The Big Book of Orgasms. There will be door prizes.

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