“Ostentatiously homosexual and extremely Jewish.”
     –Richard Spencer’s website Altright .com.


“Brilliant, exciting, startlingly fresh… Donna Minkowitz comes to the conclusion that she must have been her mother’s golem, a manikin formed from clay and garbage and sacred letters, built to fall apart when it fails to serve its maker… She takes a dazzling leap of fancy and then writes a new bridge into being behind her for the rest of us to follow.” — Ellis Avery, author of The Last Nude and The Teahouse Fire

“Rich and wild, dark and funny, as fearless as her legendary journalism and as scary as a fairy tale. A serious writer at the top of her game. I love this book!”
— Terry Bisson, winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards

“Golem, schmolem — Minkowitz has sculpted a wonderful life for herself out of sheer dedication and grit, and her writing is magic. Two goyische maidel thumbs up!!”— Lily Burana, author of I Love a Man in Uniform: A Memoir of Love, War, and Other Battles

“Holds nothing back…  the same brutal introspection and clever humor  [as Ferocious Romance] , but this book is much more personal and sexually explicit …  Minkowitz brings a defiant, playful energy to writing about her difficult and dark past. Intelligent but not for the prudish or fainthearted. “
Kirkus Reviews

“Fierce imagination and compelling prose. Captivating. Growing Up Golem contains all the power of her earlier work with its sharp social and political analysis, but it is written without the cloak.”
— Julie Enszer, Lilith


“Utterly entrancing … Donna Minkowitz introspects herself bare, and then with a breathtakingly fluent language of alternating waggery and sincerity, tells how she incorporated her doubts and certainties into that rarest thing: an authentic self. In this brilliantly funny, wise, joyful book, she achieves the compassion and depth that both the gay and right-wing movements profess to want, and fail to achieve: and she does so with a gentle lightness and forthright courage by which even a die-hard partisan would have to be swayed.” — Andrew Solomon, author, Far from the Tree

“An original, energetic and witty book.… Reveal[s] something meaty about real people with grace, humor, and intelligence.” — Mary Gaitskill, the New York Observer

“Infuriating, insightful, hilarious…. Deserves a wide readership.” — Patrick Califia, author, Public Sex

“Original and provocative.” — Susan Faludi

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