Charlie Rose Show Debate: Which Way Forward for the LGBT Movement?

In honor of Pride, I thought folks might be interested in this 1994 debate on the Charlie Rose Show on whether the LGBTQ movement should align itself with social justice movements in general. Between me and playwright Tony Kushner (on one side) and then-openly conservative Andrew Sullivan and Bruce Bawer (on the other). A quote from back-then me that I like: “The main disagreement between us is whether the gay movement should align itself with other groups that are also disenfranchised, with the poor, with women, with people of color. Bruce has said that we need a place at the table, but in fact what we need to do is overturn the table. The table isn’t serving lots and lots of other groups. Everyone is underneath the table scrambling for crumbs.”

Another, if you’ll be kind enough to indulge 30-year-old me: “You’re shortening your imagination. You’re not asking for enough.”

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