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Food Writing Class!


Friends, I’m teaching a food writing intensive in June at the Goddard Riverside Community Center (NYC). The class focuses on sensuality, lyricism, and memory — the memoir-ish and poetic aspects of food writing, if you will. It’s a three-hour introduction, Saturday, June 17 2-5 PM. Earthiness and emotion welcome. Students will learn how to write well about the taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight of food; about the culture, the politics, and yes, on occasion, even the sexiness of food. $65, under the auspices of the New York Writers Workshop. Register below. Location: 647 Columbus Avenue.

My background: I am the restaurant columnist at Gay City News. I’m also a two-time, award-winning memoirist who has written for New York Times Book Review, Salon, the Village Voice, and The Nation.

For more information and to register:



New Restaurant Column!

Krupa eggs

I have a new restaurant column in Gay City News! I believe it’s one of the first food columns to appear in a gay newspaper. It will cover eateries throughout the five boroughs of New York City, and come out every month.

My goal is to do food writing that is sexy, political, and gay in every way.

Here’s my first, and it starts like this:

Any meats with the faintly louche name of “organ meats” are inherently queer. Think about it: “nice” people don’t eat offal, cuts of meat that come from far inside the body and are often chopped up to hide what they really are.

Offal partakes of funk, and “funkiness”  – closest to umami among the five tastes, but incorporating elements of sourness, gaminess, sex, even a little rot – is definitely a queer flavor.   [Read more here.]