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Some questions and answers about my new book Growing Up Golem:

So, um… what’s a magical realist memoir?

Well….  Donna’s mom was very domineering  and very creative.  She also told Donna and the whole family that she could do powerful Jewish magic from the Kabbalah — and they believed her.

So Donna decided to write this memoir as though her mother really could do magic, and instead of giving birth to her, actually created her as her own personal golem.

Q: What’s a golem?

A: According to Jewish legend, a clay automaton that can walk and talk, created to serve.  You may have heard of the Golem of Prague , who was sort of a military golem ,  but other golems in the Talmud and elsewhere were servants  and even, in one instance, dinner.  (I’m not making this up. It’s in the Talmud 🙂 )

What does Donna do as a golem?

A: Anything the mother wants. 🙂 Including, eventually, becoming a radical queer reporter for the Village Voice. (Yes, the mother is a queer-positive leftist.)

But unfortunately, golems are not made for self-actualization or any kind of  personal enjoyment.  Nor are they able to  connect with others,  or do anything but obey or go out of control.  Although Donna desperately wants to have relationships with real human women, she can’t. How the hell can she become human?

In Growing up Golem, Donna Minkowitz becomes a golem who breaks the mold.

If you’d like more info, just fill out the contact form below.

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  1. Please send ordering information, including ISBN. Our bookstore would like to have this for our customers. Sincerely, Susan Hare, Owl’s Nest Books

    • Thanks so much for asking! Here is the ISBN: 978-1-936833-60-3. The book will be available soon from Magnus Books, and we would love you to stock it! It will also be up on IndieBound. Many thanks again.

  2. Thank you for your information. However, we need a print copy, rather than e-books. We will let customers know they can purchase the e-book on Amazon. Sincerely, Susan Hare

  3. Donna Minkowitz

    Actually, Owl’s Nest, you can order print books direct from the publisher at Lori AT riverdaleavebooks.com, or Don AT magnusbooks.com. (Magnus is an imprint of Riverdale Ave.) And individuals can buy print books on Amazon. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂

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