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Donna Minkowitz

Hi, I’m Donna Minkowitz, the author of Growing up Golem:  How I Survived My Mother, Brooklyn and Some Really Bad Dates, which is just out from Riverdale Ave Books/Magnus.

It’s a “magical realist memoir” written as though instead of giving birth to me, my mother created me as a golem, a sort of magical clay slave out of Jewish legend. That’s right, a golem. And then I become a golem who tries to be an activist queer reporter for the Village Voice :-)

It’s hard to pass for human. Especially when you’ve been trained to obey.

You can read the first chapter  here, and you can buy the book on Amazon or at Riverdale Ave Books. I’m thrilled to share that Growing Up Golem has just been named a finalist for both a Lambda Literary Award and for the Publishing Triangle’s Judy Grahn Nonfiction Award!

Here’s the video trailer:

And if you’d like more info, just contact me below:

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  1. Congrats. gives me hope to finish mine. wish you tons of success.

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